Monday, November 29, 2010

Where to go on holiday - New survey ascertains that it’s the kids that make the decision!

A recent survey, carried out by the Dubai Tourism department has revealed that 80% of children have a major say in the chosen family destination.

The survey, which was conducted by Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing, gives an insight for parents into what their kids really want from a family holiday!

Almost 80 per cent of children surveyed revealed they had a say in where their family went on their last holiday, while a massive 97 per cent believe their parents are happy to go along with whatever they want to do on holiday.

These statistics seem to prove that the kids are making the decisions, and demanding more when it comes to family holidays. The good old days of seaside, bucket, ice cream and a swimming pools (if you were lucky!) just don’t seem to make the grade these days!

Good news for YouGoDo and Dubai alike is the revelation that todays kids want to try something new – 20% of the respondents were keen to try more adventurous activities on holiday. Things like skiing, quad biking and swimming with dolphins, with almost 50% of the children surveyed stating they’d enjoy truly unique experiences.

Youngsters are ever more seeking adventure and excitement along with sun, sea and water sports. And YouGoDo are happy to report this is in line with wider travel trends, which have seen a move away from the traditional “fly and flop” holiday in favour of a fresh emphasis on “experience”. Get out there and do something new – a philosophy we have been pushing since our startup!

Great to report – so everyone reading this with kids - get your kids logged on to YouGoDo – and show them our huge selection of unusual things to do, and of course as we are reporting the finding of the Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing don’t forget to take a look at the many exciting things to do in Dubai.

Kidz rule!

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