Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Whacky races in the UK

Some great new whacky races added to YouGoDo this week - check out this selection.

Horseplay near London is a 5 or 10km race over horsey obstacles (but without a horse - although it looks like horse costumes, stick horses and rocking horses are all very much encouraged!). Great muddy fun for individuals and teams.

On a similar theme is the Deerstalker race in Scotland - another wet and muddy 5 or 10km race with an emphasis on fun!

Great to see more and more unsusual things to do in the UK being added.

Gee up .......

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smplcv said...

I just love the Deerstalker race in Scotland ..i have seen it many a time and is funny ..anyways thanks for sharing this with me!

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