Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GoPro HD Hero Video Camera Review

The last few weeks I have the pleasure of ‘having a play’ with the Go Pro HD Hero high definition super compact all action video camera. And what a great ‘toy’ it is. A real cool gadget, even the packaging is super cool, with its clear Perspex housing!

Once out of the box there are more nice surprises – the user manual – it’s a sheet of paper!, albeit a big sheet of paper (about A2 size – half a map for the none technical). It’s a refreshing pleasure to be able to read the whole user manual for a gadget in less than 12 months! Most cameras these days seem to turn up with a 200 or 300 page manual which usually soon becomes a waste of tree. This user manual sheet hits the spot – simple and clear, and more importantly telling you in layman’s terms how to use the HD Hero to give the best results for your intended use. Tips like which housing to use in differing conditions to reduce wind noise, how to set up the camera for getting the best results when filming from the inside of your car, etc. Just what you need to get the best out of your new ‘toy’.

Then it’s a case of getting out and playing with the camera. For those not familiar with the camera it is:

  1. a super small size (easily pocketable when outside the housing)
  2. comes with a huge range of mounting options - suction cups, stick on mounts and many which you use to wear the camera - the head strap, chest mount and helmet mount.
  3. supplied with a clear plastic housing, with choice of open or fully waterproof backs

These three attributes make it a superb choice for thrill seekers and activity freaks. Mountain Biking, Hiking, Surfing, Jet Skiing, Snow Skiing, Sailing, Kayaking, …. You get the idea – pretty much any activity you’d like to record and enjoy again in high definition – it fits the bill.

I’ve not yet had time to play with it with all my toys but so far I have used it in the car, on the mountain bike, out hiking and even, much to the amusement of my daughters to capture the family dog coming skidding past and 'in cage' with the guinea pigs! Great fun. Click here for a very rough and ready sample, or play this below!

The quality of the high defintion recordings is superb. It’s a fine testament to the quality of the movies provided that they were using Go Pro HD Heros on a recent pop video shoot I attended, and I noticed on last night’s UK Channel 5 TV Gadget Show, all the push bikes used on their cycling challenge through London were fitted with GoPro’s, to provide the show’s on bike footage.

It’s a full thumbs up! Highly recommended to all YouGoDo’ers! I cannot wait to give it a go on the ski slopes, and come summer in the pool, on the kayak and jetski!


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