Friday, October 1, 2010

Trike Tours

If you fancy seeing the world from a different perspective, with the throb of an engine under your seat (maybe a VW!), then trike tours could be the thing for you.

Sense some of the world's best cities, taking in more of the ambience, aromas and temperature changes, as your tour guide takes you through the city, or region, in style.

YouGoDo feature a growing range of trike tours from all over the world - Trike tours in the UK, Trike Tours in Australia (we can see why the Scottish comedian Billy Connolly chose Australia for his trike tours - Australia is currently YouGoDo's No 1 spot for trike activities), Trike Tours in Spain.

Additionally if you dont want to do a tour you can hire a trike in the USA, hire a trike in France or hire a trike in Australia and make your own way around at your own pace.

And my favourite - a 5 or 8 day trike tour of the world's longest golf course - the world famous 1365km (yes KM - some 1365000m) par 72 Nullabor Links Gourse in Australia. Check out the limo trike!

Go buy the bandana and start to grow your beard!


Canberra Cruisin Trike Tours said...

Don't forget if you're down in Canberra, we're always keen to take new customers out to see the sites! Cheers.

Paul said...

Hi Canberra Cruisin - Please add your trike tour details to YouGoDo, totally free, at

We look forward to sending new passengers your way....

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