Monday, October 18, 2010

Pedal Powered Pub Crawls

When YouGoDo first started we had just the one Bicycle Bar, the original Fietscafe Bicycle Bar which did pedal powered pub crawls in Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Well, it looks like it caught on, because now on YouGoDo we seem to have almost a full page of Pedal Pubs and Bicycle Bars offering pedal pub tours of places like London, Milwaukee, Houston and Bonn.

So what is a Bicycle Bar or Pedal Pub?

It's basically a great fun, eco friendly way of seeing a city while having all the fun of your own bar. Clients sit around a central bar facing the bar, with their own barmaid or waiter in many cases, and pedal their way around a city while enjoying all the fun of their own mobile pedal powered pub! Great fun for any stag or hen night!

Bicycle clips on - lets go - mine's a pint!

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