Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unusual things to do in Italy

Another in our series of articles for unsual things to do around the world. This time we are taking a look at Italy.

So what are the unusual things to do in Italy?

Being world famous for it's sports cars and motorcycles, of course there are a host of unsual motoring experiences on offer - Ferrari Tours, Ducati Tours, rent a Pagani Zonda, Ferrari and F1 Driving experiences around the famous Monza circuit and self drive classic cars are all worth a mention.

And another beaufitul Italian design, the classic Riva speedboat is also available for charter in Italy. Take a stunning tour of Lake Como on a Riva - does it get any better?

But lets not forget the food - Italian food seems to have had a global impact (British Food seems to have gone the way of British Leyland!) so when in Italy it would be a shame not to try your hand at an Italian Cookery Course. Or combine an evening tour and an Italian meal in Turin on a Ristocolor Dining Tram Tours.

And a few other 'off the wall', yet delightfuly Italian experiences are the Gladiator Training School in Rome, the opportunity to Kayak through a town (Venice of course), and the opportunity to tour Rome on a classic Italian Scooter or in the classic Fiat 500.

Click here for over 100 unusual things to do in Italy!

It's a pizza for me then...

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