Monday, September 27, 2010

Unusual things to do in Germany

YouGoDo, home to 1000's of unusual things to do from around the world, turns the spotlight on Germany, as we showcase a few of our selection of 'Unusual things to do in Germany'.

Germany is a stunning place to visit, home to the Black Forest, picturesque Bavaria, Porsche, the Rhine, fairy tale castles, and much more. But what does Germany have to offer for those looking for unusual activities and experiences. Here's a few ideas from the YouGoDo selection:

The Bicycle Bar - a pedal powered bar with barmaid that is powered by you and your party pedalling, as you are taken on a self propelled tour.

The Ring Taxi - several suppliers offer high speed thrilling 'taxi' rides of the famous and notorious Nurburgring race track. If you like 'petrol fun' then try this link for things to do at the Nurburgring!

Or tajke a tour of German in a Carver One - the unique car motorbike mix!

Karting on the road - take a low down high thrills ride round a number of German citities in road legal motor powered karts. Choose from Bremen, Berlin or Hamburg.

River rafting - step on board the river raft, with bar, music and toilets and drink, sing and cruise your way down the river!

Have a run round a few German cities - sight jogging is popular in Germany with several tour operators offering to take on a run around their cities.

Take a Trabant Limo Tour of Berlin. Use a stretched version of one of East Germany's most popular old vehicles for a tour of Berlin.

Take a tour of the historical whore houses of Hamburg, and find out more about the world's oldest profession.

Or glide around a German city on a German Segway Tour

Take a horse and coach tour of the picturesque region of Bavaria

And of course lets not forget the Octoberfest - one big party, which even has it's own museum - the beer and Ocktoberfest Museum in Munich!

Ein Prosit!

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