Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Simonseeks another innovative website for holiday ideas

Here at YouGoDo we love the innovative and exciting ideas for things to do around d the world. Simonseeks is another travel site with some great holiday inspiration content!

You can browse travel guides, written by a mix of travel enthusiasts, professional travellers and celebrities. And to save you from having to wade through articles describing romantic escapes when you’d rather be jumping off bridges.

Simonseeks has a search system allowing you to filter results according holiday type, price range and destination. Top adventure guides include travel journalist Felix Milns’ account of his time spent in the Atacama desert of Chile and Andy Mossack’s guide about his trip down the Amazon. A bit of browsing turns up some wild and wacky results: experiences like visiting the skeletons of human sacrifices in a cave in Belize, Trekking to base camp at Mount Everest, and sleeping with lions in the Serengeti National Park.

As well as being a really useful resource (you can compare prices and book flights, hotels and care hire without leaving the site) Simonseeks is also a great time wasting resource for those lazy afternoons where you’d rather be daydreaming about far flung destinations than sat at your desk!

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