Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Segway Tours

The futuristic Segway (well I say futuristic - it was invented by Dean Kamen and unvelived in 2001) is making a big impact on the tourist market, with more and more operators using this eco friendly electric vehicle as transport to glide people on exciting Segway tours of some of the world's most iconic cities.

User friendly and easy to ride, using a simply joystick type control method with the 'lean steer' handlebar, the Segway is a great way of covering some distance and seeing the major sights on offer in places like Barcelona, Rome, Munich, New York, Sydney, Madrid, etc.

Whilst the majority of Segway tour operators offer short city tours, segway experiences are by no means limited to short city tours. Several of the Segway operators featured on YouGoDo offer more unsual Segway experiences like off road Segway tours, Segway beach tours and even Segway racing.

YouGoDo now have so many Segway experiences that we have split out Segway tours and rides into their own category. So take a look here to find Segway tours from around the world.

And I could not end this article on the great Segway experiences from around the world, given the recent sad news, without a mention for the former owner of Segway, Jimi Heselden, who ironically took the ultimate ride on his Segway a few days ago. Jimi unfortunately died after riding his segway over a cliff. RIP Jimi.

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