Monday, September 13, 2010

Make your own chocolates

For kids of all ages (1-101), and those with a sweet tooth, it just sounds too good to be true!

But after a long wait, like buses, two activity providers have arrived on YouGoDo together offering Chocolate Making Courses.

And the great news for kids is that they both offer courses for adults, and specially designed kids courses, where the kids can make their own chocolate bars, and decorate these.

Lots of brownie points for parents booking the kids birthday parties here I think!

So where are they I hear you ask! - well where else but in the home of the famous Chocolate makers Switzerland (I guess it could have been Belgium but its not!).

So if you fancy getting your hands gloriously dirty in thick brown chocolate try:

Alprose Chocolate courses in Caslano

Cailler Chocolate Courses in Broc/Gruyere

Both of these great tasy activities are included in the fast growing YouGoDo guide for 'things to do in Switzerland'.

For those of you where Switzerland is a little far, try some of YouGoDo's other global 'very sweet activities'

Or for the adults try a Belgium Truffle making course in Stratford upon Avon in the UK of all places!

White hats at the ready! Lets go...

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