Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Duck Tours

It’s a simple fact of history that the world’s best cities have evolved on the Banks of rivers.

Naturally in ancient times, for a large settlement to succeed, the availability of fresh water was a key requirement.

Hence the great cities of the world are all based on the banks of rivers. Cities such as London, New York, Boston, Miami, Seattle, Dubai, etc.

And another evolutionary happening in all these great cities, is the fact that tourists started to turn up, and wanted to see these cities!

Hence all major cities these days offer great short city tours. But a little rarer is the ability to get a duck’s eye view of a city! Introducing Duck Tours!

Innovative travel tour operators are using Amphibious Vehicles, often ex military, which give tourists the benefit of seeing the major sights of these cities with a ‘bus’ tour type experience, before driving their ‘ducks’ (amphibious vehicles) straight on into the water to give their passengers a fantastic view of the city from the water.

YouGoDo of course has a great selection of duck tours from around the world, here’s just a few to whet your appetite.

Duck tours of London

Duck Tours of Dubai

Duck Tours of Seattle

Duck Tours of Miami

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