Monday, August 9, 2010

Yarra Yarra Yarra - Wine Wine Wine!

Just a quick blog to let YouGoDo users know that we have had a load of great new activities and experiences added in our 'things to do in the Yarra Valley' section.

And by the look of things, unsurprisingly for this beautiful wine growing region near Melbourne in Australia, it seems that the wine forms the main area of activity interest, with a host of great wine based tours and things to do.

Many of the Yarra Valley Wine Tours start from Melbourne.

Although most of the tours are wine based, it's good to see some imaginative use of wine in these tours and activities.

A few good examples include:

skydiving into a Yarra Valley winery for a glass or two of wine and a meal

heli tours from Melbourne into the Yarra Valley wineries

Hot Air Balloon Flights over the Yarra Valley wineries

These all sound great. Pull those corks!


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