Monday, August 23, 2010

Unusual things to do

Being the world's biggest activities and experiences website, it stands to reason that we have quite a few 'unusual things to do' here on YouGoDo.

If fact we pride ourselves on our range of unusual activities from around the world. Our staff spend hours searching out the world's most bizarre activities and things to do.

And don't think that to be unusual it has to be dangerous - just 'unusual'. Some of our unusual activities are simply unusual because of their location - for example kayaking is not a particularly extreme or unusual thing to do, but not many London or Venice visitors go kayaking through the city, hence 'kayaking in London' and 'kayaking in Venice' both make it into our 'unusual things to do' category.

There are plenty other tame, in terms of adrenalin, unusual activities like walking with llamas, being a shepherd for the day, factory tours, creating your own French perfume, etc.

And there are some superb quirky events which fall into the Unusual category - the superb Tomatina Tomato Fight in Spain, the world's biggest football game in the UK, the Medocaine wine bike ride in France, to name just a few.

Many others make the grade through being the world's biggest, most dangerous, highest, lowest, longest, etc!

And of course there will be some you have never heard off - try looking these up on YouGoDo - Scad diving, sparty, trotti bikes, halo diving, skywire, sky fly, sup, etc! How many did you know?

Our inspiration page has always been a great place to look at YouGoDo's most unusual activities and top rated things to do. While this page is great for a bit of fun, with its 'random unusual things to do' generator, it has always lacked the ability to show the most unusual things to do for a users chosen location or country.

So we have now made it easier for YouGoDo users to find the unusual things to do in their area, with the addition of the 'unusual things to do' category! Simples! So if you are looking for

Unusual things to do in London

Unusual things to do in Dubai

Unusual things to do in New York

Unusual things to do in Sydney

Unusual things to do in Australia

Unusual things to do in Spain

Unusual things to do in the United Kingdom

etc - you get the idea! It's now simply a case of going to the YouGoDo home page, typing in your chosen country and / or location, and 'unusual' as your chosen activity!

Hey presto - go do something unusual!

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