Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cookery Courses in London

YouGoDo has an amazing array of great cookery courses from around the World. London is a great example - in this one, albeit rather large, city we have an array of exciting London based cookery courses and culinary experiences.

YouGoDo users visiting London can choose cookery courses by their prefered type of food - choose from Italian, Sushi, Thai, etc. Or even book the kids in for a kids cookery class.

It's probably an option most people overlook as a great holiday experience but what could be better than learning spanish cookery in Spain, taking a course in Italian cooking in Italy, taking a thai cookery course in Thailand, etc.

Looking at the cookery courses in the UK, (as a Brit it does not make you very patiotic) I see very few places offering British Cookery courses in Britain, or any other country for that matter! Oh well - bangers and mash, roast beef and yorkshire pudding and fish and chips have never made it quite as big as the likes of Pizza and Asian cookery outside the shores of the UK!

Here a list of some of the worlds best cookery courses.

So chef's hats on, and rolling pins at the ready! Ready steady cook!

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