Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Unusual Things to do in Iceland

Iceland seems to have it's fair share of great activities for outdoor enthusiasts, great activities like Volcano Watching (much publicised earlier this year among all those involved in any air travel!), Whale watching, Horse Riding, Heli skiing, thermal spas, tours to observe the Northern Lights, Rafting, Motorcycle Tours and a host of 4x4 adventures to name but a few of the things to do in Iceland.

This wealth of outdoor fun, in spite of the cold climate, makes Iceland an exciting place to visit any time of the year. Icelandic activity centres include Reykjavic, Husavik (for whale watching) and Geysir (for jetboating).

In the past few weeks we have two great new activities added - self drive arctic 4x4 expeditions with the team who travelled to the North Pole in a Toyota with the BBC's Top Gear television program and Jet Boat trips on the Hvita river.

Some excellent looking, and unsual, things to do in Iceland!

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