Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things to do in Switzerland

For those of you looking for 'things to do in Switzerland' a new new site has been introduced which purely shows things to do in Switzerland. Take a look at

So what is there to do? Well Switzerland, being pretty much covered in Alpine mountains and lakes, with a sunny warm summer climate and a snowy alpine winter climate has lots to offer activity seekers.

Its mountains offer stunning scenery all year round, and make the whole area a great 'playground' for activity seekers. Switzerland offers a vast range of winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, carriage rides and bobsleigh.
And in summer the mountains and lakes provide the ideal setting for great activities like rafting, paragliding, hiking, scootering, biking, lake cruises and more.

Here's a few of the key Swiss activities we have chosen to highlight:

The Jungfrau Mountain railway - take a trip to Europe's highest station - up into the snow all year round.

Mountain Scootering - a bit like mountain biking but on scooters for grown ups!

The Free Flier - a 4 in a row 800m plus zip wire reaching speeds up to 50 mph - the longest in Europe and it looks a great place for a family race!

The Bungy Jump featured at the start of the James Bond Goldeneye film. Another record breaker!

Yoga and Mountaineering - there cannot be that many places which offer this combo! They also offer donkey trekking in the alps.

The Olympia Bobsleigh Run - run run run

We've simply picked out a few great looking activities - but please bear in mind there's loads more great activities like these on
Take a look and choose your favourites!

YouGoDo staff will be visiting Switzerland in August to further boost our knowledge of the things to do in this stunning area.

Break out the chocolates!

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