Monday, July 12, 2010

things to do in Spain

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However a quick tip for anyone in Spain today - the clear winner for things to do in Spain today is get yourself to Madrid to welcome home the 2010 World Cup Winning Spanish team. It really will be quite a party! Actually the continuation of a party which started when the final whistle went late last night.....

Its been a real pleasure to be living in this football loving country, supporting their excellent football playing team, during this world cup. What a party it has been here in Spain.

The Spanish sure know how to party, and being Spain its a family occasion - all are welcome to take part from babies up to the oldest citizens.

I took my family into Fuengirola last night to watch the game (sadly not something I would have considered when living in the UK - not that this would have been likely this year the way the England team were playing!).

Quite a tense game, but with the outcome we were looking for. Then the party really started - vuvuzela's, air horns, fireworks and car horns filled the warm evening air, cars loaded to the hilt with passengers on the roofs and hanging out of car windows driving by.

And here in Fuengirola the party then headed to the fountains opposite the train station - here the red and yellow throng of football fans danced, sang and frolicked in the water of the fountains, lit by fireworks and flares, watched by the lady mayoress and local police force.

What a night and I think the party will go one for quite a while! Get yourself over to Spain to help us celebrate!

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