Monday, July 26, 2010

Killer Whale Watching

It’s a privilege to be able to get up close and observe Orcas (Killer Whales) in the wild. It’s amazing that these magnificent and huge ferocious creatures can be viewed up close in many ways, as they are relatively little danger to humans.

On YouGoDo we have numerous Killer Whale Watching experiences from around the world, including diving with killer whales in Norway and kayaking with the killer whales of British Columbia in Canada.

I have had the pleasure of observing Spain’s killer whales on several occasions, with the great trips offered by Tumares off Tarifa in Southern Spain. In comparison to the Killer Whale pods of Norway and British Columbia, Spain’s Orca population still seem relatively unpublicised. There are about 40 Killer Whales which visit the Straits of Gibraltar each summer to feed on the, sadly dwindling, migrating Red Tuna stocks. These Spanish Killer Whales live in about 5 pods of around 8 whales.

Spain’s orca population is unique in how they have adapted to a life of crime, robbery in this case. They have learnt how the line fisherman, off the coast of North Africa, are bringing in their catches of Red Tuna in the summer months. These traditionally line caught Tuna catches make easy picking for the Killer Whales. Mothers and infants separate from the pod, while the other adult Killer Whales of the group go in for the kill, taking the caught Red Tuna from the fishermen’s lines.

Where ever you are based I would highly recommend a Killer Whale watching trip - get out there to see these stunning giants of nature in the wild.

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