Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unusual things to do in Australia

Australia (a bit like it's neighbour New Zealand) is a great (bonza!) place to go and try doing some really unusual activities. Australia seems to have more than it's fair share of the 'top things to do before you die'. YouGoDo now features over 200 great and unusual Oz activity ideas - YouGoDo's comprehensive guide to unusual things to do in Australia.

And heres just a few examples from the guide!

Climbing the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge

Taking a passenger flight in the world's only two passenger, open cockpit bi-plane from Townsville

Getting into a cage and diving with big Crocs in Darwin

Off road driving in V8 Race Buggies

The Scenic Skyway at Scenic World - a 720m flight over ravines and waterfalls.

Diving with Great White Sharks from Port Lincoln

or swimming with Tuna from Port Lincoln

Sky diving from numerous locations throughout Oz

Jet boating from various Oz locations

And the odd 'odd' tour - Stretched jeep tours, hearse tours (yes really!), trike tours, segway tours, karaoke shopping tours and comedy cruises!

And of course there some great things to do on the Barrier Reef - diving, sailing, heli tours, open ocean visitor centres and more!

Australia - The place is just soooooooo big and with sooooooooooo many great things to do!

Open yourself a tinnie and get planning your trip!

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