Monday, June 21, 2010

I want to go to the Zoo!

For those looking to visit the Zoo, and lets face it Zoos are always a great hit with kids and babies alike, here at YouGoDo we have now given Zoos their very own category. So click here to see the world's best Zoos.

As someone not overly keen on the PC and over zealous Health and Safty police, Zoo's are one area where I feel the PC brigade and the animal rights supporters have improved things greatly. Zoo's, often little more than exotic animal prisons in the past, are now more and more places of conservation and animal protection.

Of course you can never beat seeing animals in their true habitat. However many Zoos, as well as offering many people their only opportunity to see rare animals up close, are now great places to visit, where you can come away feeling your visit is helping to conserve and protect these great creatures from around the world.

In my local area I can recommend both Fuengirola Zoo (now called Fuengirola Biopark) and Selwo Adventure.

Fuengirola Biopark, right in the heart of Fuengirola, is a superb example of a moderm well kept zoo in a relatively small plot. At Selwo Adventure, both the animals and visitors, have acres of space.

So lets go to the zoo! Here's a few links:

Zoos in Australia

Zoos in Spain

Zoos in the United Kingdom

Zoos in the USA

And a few World famous Zoos

Australia Zoo, made famous by its late owner Steve Irwin

Barcelona Zoo

London Zoo

Los Angeles Zoo

Miami Metro Zoo

Order me an ice cream then....

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