Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Activities Football World Cup

Its seems a good deal of the planet is caught up in World Cup Fever - actually I suppose I am a bit late with this article (I've done a bit of a Rob Green on this one!), as in the next few days its will be down to 16 countries caught deep in World Cup Fever!

So what has YouGoDo got to do with the World Cup?

Well for starters there's plenty free time between the football games for the travelling 2010 World Cup supporters to try out the many great things to do in South Africa - a great white shark cave dive has always been one of my ambitions!

And with being a site for adventurous travellers I had to add a link to this great site ( which covers the travels of a UK football fan as he hitch hikes his way through Europe and Africa to the World Cup. Great site covering what looks like a great adventure.

And now the final 16 world cup fixtures:

Things to do in Uruguay verses Things to do in South Korea

South Korea is ahead on this one on YouGoDo - not a single activity in Uruguay - can anyone suggest a few great things to do in Uruguay help us to level things up!

Things to do in the United States verses Things to do in Ghana

A bit of a landslide to the USA here in the YouGoDo world of activities and experiences with thousands of great activity ideas in the USA, but I suspect the football game will be closer!

Things to do in England verses Things to do in Germany

Well according to YouGoDo there are more things to do in the UK, but of course the Germans can get in and add a few more prior to the game at - its just bound to go to penalties!

Things to do in Argentina verses Things to do in Mexico

About level pegging here in the YouGoDo activities world, and probably a good indicator as I suspect its going to be a tough match in the real 'football' world!

Four more activities matches still to be added!

And heres a few great global football activities! Things like the world's biggest football game, stabium tours and the football academies of David Beckham, Liverpool Football Club, etc.

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