Wednesday, May 12, 2010

World's Best Motor Museums

As has one of the world's most complete lists of Motor Museums we have decided to seperate these out from our huge motor sports activities section.

This makes it easy to see the worlds best motor museums, without having to wade through the many 100's of great motoring activities such as supercar hire, Formula 1 car driving experiences, Nurburgring motoring experiences, Karting and more.

Page one shows the current YouGoDo users top 10 motor museums (top 15 actually!).

Some of these motor museums look absoutely awesome - to name just a couple of the worlds best motoring museums try:

The Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, USA

The Haynes International Motor Museum near Yeovil in the UK

Schlumpf Collection in Alsace, France

The Louwman Collection - Dutch National Motor Museum

Manoir Automobile - Car Museum at Loheac in France

The Auto Collections in las Vegas - The Worlds Largest Classic Car Showroom

Emirates National Auto Collection near Abu Dhabi - a few strange ones here!

Then of course you have the museum's of the worlds major manufaturers -

The National Corvette Museum at Bowling Green, Kentucky

The official Lamborghini Museum at Sant'Agata

The Porsche Museum at Stuttgart, Germany

Galleria Ferrari the official Ferrari Museum at Maranello

The above are just a few from our ever growing list of Motor Museums and Auto Collections.

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