Monday, April 12, 2010

Things to do in Gibraltar

I'm just back from a visit to Gibraltar, primarily to attend the Gibraltar International Boat Show, but I must admit the place is starting to grow on me! I live in Spain, a few hours along the coast from Gibraltar, and here Gibraltar is seen by many as a place to go shopping every now and then!

But the more I visit, the more I discover. This time it was the Mediterranean Steps, a stunning walk up the back of the Rock of Gibraltar, with amazing views.

The Mediterranean Steps are part of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, which is famously home to Europe's only free roaming primates, the Barbary Apes. As well as 'the monkeys' the Upper Rock has several other great attractions such as St Michaels Caves and the Great Siege Tunnels, making it a great place to visit. You can take you car up and make you own way around, or even take a long walk around (it's only 50p for those on foot), but for those on a shorter visit I would recommend taking a tour in one of the many Gibraltar Taxi Association mini bus taxis which offer informative tours of the place.

There are plenty other things to do in Gibraltar, including some great climbing trips, dolphin watching, sailing, diving, etc.

The Ocean Village Marina area, which was home to the boat show, also looks a great place for an evening out in the summer months. Looks like I will have to take another trip back in the summer!

Unlike many of the other expats around me, a day trip to Morrisson's has never held great appeal to me, but the more I discover Gibraltar the more exciting reasons I find to visit!


Chris Durante said...

Was a pleasure meeting you the other day Paul, look forward to hearing from you to arrange your trip to the Camino Del Rey.

Paul said...

Likewise Chris - looking forward to walking the kings walk with you.

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