Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mountain Biking in Spain

Being a keen mountain biker (note 'keen' and 'able' are different words!) living here in Spain I can see why so many companies offer great mountain biking holidays in Spain. The two main reasons are the climate and the terrain.

It’s a little known fact that Spain is the most mountainous country in Europe, and far from being the over stereotyped image of a barren place where Brits go to get hammered, Spain is a stunning country with great mountain biking. It’s not the beaches which attract the top Mountain Biking pros here to practise in the winter!

From my house, near Fuengirola I can see mountains higher than anything in England and Wales, and these are not the big ones! Great wildlife, bird watching, stunning plants, rivers and mountain streams all add to the pleasure.

And of course the dry and ‘mountain biking kind climate’ all make mountain biking here that little bit more of a pleasure.

I would highly recommend any mountain bikers to take a look at some of the great mountain biking holiday options on offer here in Spain.

Only yesterday I went out for a day’s ride with Sierra Cycling, just locally up into the mountains above Mijas. A great days cycling with a good mix of climbs, rocks, forest trails, drop offs, switch backs and fast runs. Excellent fun, and our guide Johnny was ever helpful, offering welcome advice without over denting my ego! Knowing the many great areas Sierra Cycling get out to in AndalucĂ­a, and there location on the edge of Fuengirola (a great Spanish town), I would highly recommend getting out with these guys for a day, a week or more!

Still can't convince you about Spain, or been there and done that - well try these other great Global Mountain Biking experiences.

Pump up those tyres!

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