Monday, March 8, 2010

Things to do in Miami and Sydney - YouGoDo's hot locations for this month

Well I guess both of the current YouGoDo hot locations are also pretty hot physically at this time of year. So our pick from the world of things to do this month are:

Things to do in Miami and Things to do in Sydney

Both great destinations with a great range of exciting activities and experiences.

Just a few picks!

The Skywalk in Sydney - a glass bottomed viewing tower at the top of the Sydney Tower, Sydney's tallest building.

Or for a great girlie day out in Sydney, how about the Karaoke Shopping Bus tour followed by an Abba Dinner Cruise in Sydney harbour.

And in Miami live out your Miami Vice fantasies with a thrilling speedboat tour off Miami, or take to the skies for a Miami Vice style helicopter tour of the city!

Wish I was in either of these locations today!

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