Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Amazing things to do

Here at, we proudly state we are ‘the world's biggest activities and experiences website’, and as a result our employees are often asked “what are the best and most amazing experiences on YouGoDo?”

Well I guess the answer is pretty dull - "It depends on your areas of interest!"

The YouGoDo data team have to vet each activity as they appear on YouGoDo -you would be surprised at some of the ‘activities’ added! During this approval process they ‘mark’ any which they consider to be extraordinary, creating our list of the world’s best activities and experiences.

This process throws up numerous great activities which get bunched together in our Inspiration page. We try and ensure these ‘elite’ activities from all around the world include something for every taste and wallet - from totally free to over 200,000 dollars a go.

Some, such as great guided shopping tours of the world’s greatest shopping cities, would pretty much fill me with horror, but would be a dream to many of the women I know. Others like the old favourite F1 driving experiences would hit the spot with me, but would bore the pants off many of my friends!

We are pretty sure we have something for everyone – PUT US TO THE TEST! Take a look at some of YouGoDo’s top activities by clicking on the Inspiration page – We are pretty sure there will be at least one dream activity, or experience, for you on each page of activities displayed. Hit the ‘F5’ refresh button, or the ‘Show me different selection’ button on the screen to see another selection. Do we hit the spot for you? – can you see at least one activity per page which you would really love to experience? If not please comment below, and let us have your tastes, and we will resolve the issue!

Here’s a few examples (and I’m going to be in trouble for sexism here – I am sure many girls would like to try what I have suggest as boys activities and visa versa – so apologies in advance for the generalisations – get out and do whatever you want!):

Amazing experiences for the men

The Bicycle Bar - Pedal Powered Pub

Climb to the summit of Mount Everest

Gravity Bolivia - Mountain Biking down the World's most dangerous road!

Heli Karting in the South of France

Formula 1 – F1 Driving experinces

Amazing Experiences for the girls

Shopping Excursions in New York City

Horse Surfing Adventures in Florida

Sex and the City tours of New York

Karaoke Shopping Tours in Sydney

Better than Sex - The dessert only restaurant in Key West

Amazing shared experiences

Paragliding with trained birds of prey

Free personal tours of New York with a local

Attending Spain's World Famous Tomato Fight

Sleep in an authentic Ammarin Bedouin Camp

Kayaking in Venice, Italy

A river rafting trip with beer and music in Austria

The Barbeque Donut – A floating barbeque boat on a lake in Austria

Kayak and cycling wine tasting tour in France

Elephant Back Safaris in Botswana

Wolfhorse - horseback riding Adventures in New Mexico

Amazing experiences for kids

Kids Spy Camps

Sleepovers at the Zoo in Sydney

Be an African Game Keeper

This is a very small selection - take a look at the rest, and don’t just dream it – do it!

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