Monday, January 25, 2010

The Worlds Best Karting

Karting - one of my favourite pastimes! Speed, adrenalin and competition all in relative safety. Its amazing how fast 30 - 45 mph can feel when your backside is a few inches of the ground, and the amount of G force you can generate through those small slick tyres. Karting is also a great way for kids to pick up driving skills.

Its easy to see why karting is so popular with kids, teens, adults of all ages, and a firm favourite corporate activity!

Of course, as you would expect, YouGoDo has loads of great options for karting around the world.

A recently added Dutch Karting activity looks to be the World's No 1 Karting activity IMHO! Race Planet Delft offers karting across 4 floors with the interconnecting ramps! What a mega karting facility.

Those crazy Dutch guys sure have some fun activities - the recently added Landgraaf Indoor Ski and Snowboard Centre in Landgraaf, Netherlands also looks a pretty stunning facility - the worlds largest indoor ski resort - an indoor red ski slope! and a 520m indoor ski run! Wow!

Sorry I got distracted in Holland - back to karting!

With so many karting activities - karting in the UK, karting in Spain, karting in Portugal, Karting in Belgium, Karting in Austria, ... - the list goes on, here at YouGoDo we have pulled Karting out of the general motor sports activities and given it its own sub category. So users of YouGoDo can find great karting activities in their desired location easier! Without the horrible chore of having to trawl through other petrol head activities like Bugatti Veyron Hire, SLR Hire, Ferrari Limos, Nissan GTR hire, Ferrari Tours of Italy, Dragster Passenger Rides, Ring Taxis, F1 car drives, Palmer Sport driving days and all of those other horrible activities ;-)

Gentlemen - Fire up your engines!


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