Thursday, January 7, 2010

Things to do in the Florida Keys

A new attractions (activities for us Brits!) web site has just been launched specifically for things to do in the Florida Keys, so if you are looking for action in the very South of Florida, then could be just the place to do your 'what are we going to do when we get there' homework, prior to your Keys vacation (or holiday for us Brits!).

The Florida Keys are a great place to visit. Just the drive down the Keys is pretty spectacular, going south on US1 you cover over 100 miles crossing numerous spectacular bridges between the islands on route. The main bridge on this route is the incredible 7 mile bridge which seems to go on forever. The views of the wildlife and the ocean each side of the road, and the old style keys buildings make this a stunning drive, especially if you are fortunate enough to be making the trip in a convertible.

As you would expect the Florida Keys is a pretty special place for water sports - sunset sailing trips, jet ski tours, parasailing, sport fishing, snorkelling, diving, and more. Key West is also a pretty spectacular party destination with many great bars, as well as the famous Mallory Square, a great place to chill out, watch the street entertainment and enjoy one of its famous sunsets. And remember to take a pint in Sloppy Joes and at least one slice of Key Lime Pie!

And lets not forget some of the main Keys on route - Key Largo, Islamorada are both well worth stopping for.

Another great way experience the Florida Keys is to take the fast catamaran from Fort Myers - the Key West Express from Fort Myers to Key West quickly gets you across the water in comfort to Keys West, where I would suggest at least a one night stay!

Try out - its 'chock bang full' of great things to do in the Keys.


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