Monday, January 18, 2010

Slum Tours

There are a growing number of companies now offering to take us to those parts of some of the World's largest cities that most people would rather avoid. Slums Tours, Favela Tours and tours of deserately deprived areas are increasing being offered in Africa, India and Brazil to name but three countries.

Is it an experience I think every visitor to these places should embrace? Well I guess it depends on both the tour operator, and your motives for taking the tour.

If the operator is genuinely working with the people and community of the area, and using the tours, and part of the associated income, to help the residents of the area I think these tours provide a great way of helping those less fortunate, almost purely by birth, than most of the population. Try to ensure your guides are locals, who have grown up in the area, and ensure the tour company is genuinely contributing to the area.

If your motives are in any way to look down upon those less fortunate than yourself then shame on you - you should not be on these tours. With the right motives the tours are an excellent education opportunity to learn how tough life in these places are, to educate yourself and your family in the daily struggle faced by others and to potentially gain an insight as to how you may be able to make a difference to those in such poverty traps.

Here are a few of the tours already featured on YouGoDo

Taking part in such tours is tremendously education, can be very emotional, but equally rewarding.

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