Thursday, December 10, 2009

YouGoDo's Top 10 Amazing Xmas Activities!

Here on YouGoDo, the world's biggest activities and experiences website, we have our elves delve through the tens of thousands of great activities and pick out their top 10. But beware not all the elves are great fans of Xmas, with all that extra work they have! So a few of the top 10 have a vague Xmas connection and some are pure 'Bah Humbug' Xmas escapes!

1 - The Annual Running of the Santas

Never mind the Bulls! - Join The Running of the Santas - the World's Naughtiest Pub Crawl. The Running of the Santas is a national pub crawl, scheduled in December each year across numerous cities in the USA and one in New Zealand.

2 - Cruise to the North Pole on a nuclear powered Russian Ice Breaker

No ordinary cruise, set sail from Russia, and crash your way through dense multi year pack ice all the way up to the North Pole. You can even take get a great view of the ice from air onboard the vessel's helicopter!

3 - A Turkey Busting Cycling New Years Adventure in Andalusia

Forget signing a new annual gym membership and going twice all year - get yourself over to sunny Spain for a week in the saddle and burn off all that Xmas excess!

4 - Xmas Shopping on the Karaoke Shopping Bus

Why wait for Xmas - it’s like Xmas every day on board Sydney's famous Karaoke Bus - a party disguised as a SHOPPING TOUR. The best way of Xmas shopping in Sydney - great prices and you get to combine your two favourite activities, Shopping and Dancing!

5 - Get the London to New York bus to do a little Xmas shopping

Xmas Shopping for 2010, your too late for this years xmas shopping! This is no ordinary bus trip! Hop on board for an amazing 95 day adventure, as the London to New York bus service crosses 3 continents, 16 countries and 11 US states.

6 - Sex and the City Tours of New York

Take a break from the xmas shopping and take a Sex and the City Tour of New York. Follow in the footsteps of Carrie & Co, take a drink where they drink, go shopping where they shop, and gossip where they gossip. Visit more than 40 Sex and the City filming locations.

7 - Bah Humbug - Motorcycle Tours of Afghanistan!

Forget xmas exists with a Motorcycle Tour of Afghanistan. Ride through the stunning Wakhan Corridor. This remote, mountainous and ruggedly beautiful area is a haven of peace in a country made infamous by war.

8 - Bah Humbug 2 - Trike Limo Tours of the 1365km (yes km) Nullabor Links Golf Course

If you feel Xmas is a great time to get away from it all and play golf this could be the trip for you! If playing the 18 hole par 72 1365km (yes 1,365,000m) Nullabor Links Golf Course in Australia is a little too tame, why not take a group of mates along for a Trike Limo Tour of the course. Play golf and be educated in the local Aussie culture, while travelling in style!

9 - Bah Humbug 3 - Go Hiking in Bulgaria

Get away from it all Hiking in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a hiking paradise, a small country with a lot of great Alpine type mountains. Pyramidal peaks and steep arĂȘtes divide magnificent corries with cobalt blue glacial lakes. And not a flashing santa hat in site!

10 - Bah Humbug 4 - Go swimming with Tuna

Not a turkey in sight - head underwater and swim with the huge farmed Tuna, off the coast of Port Lincoln in Australia. The nets will protect you from the areas Great White Sharks! Experience these lightning fast fish from in the water, as they speed effortlessly past you. A world first you won't forget in a hurry!

Have a very merry Xmas, and take a look at our unusual things to do (inspirational activities) section to prepare for your new year’s resolutions!

The YouGoDo Team

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