Thursday, December 17, 2009

Worlds most dangerous hike in China

If you are looking to take a healthy walk after your Christmas lunch how about the 'Huashan Hiking Trail'. Located on Mount Huashan in the Shaanxi Province of China, the 'Huashan Hiking Trail' is widely regarded as the most dangerous hiking trail in the world.

Note the words used very carefully - this is regarded as a hike not a climb!

It is a trail used by everyday folk without specialist climbing equipment, hiking up to the temples on the areas 5 mountain peaks.

It looks pretty hairy to me - especially the section on a cliff edge with just a few planks underneath you!

This is the most famous part of the walk, and commonly regarded as the most dangerous part of the trail. This section is called the 'Changkong Zhandao'. It is found on the South Peak, and is basically a path made up of narrow planks, attached to the surface of a vertical cliff.

On other parts of the route you cling to the thoughtfully provided chains and use foot holes carved into the rock.
One of the many great things to do in China.

Looks fun for the brave!

Dont look down Paul

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