Friday, November 27, 2009

Mountain Biking Made Easy - well easier!

We have recognised that some areas of YouGoDo are getting very crowded - Two wheel activity of the pedalling variety for example. The hundreds of great YouGoDo cycling activities ranged from renting a fun four wheel pedal buggy to ride along the beach, up to 11,200km cycling expeditions across the whole of South America, with everything in between!

Something for everyone which was great.

But what was not so great was looking for a specific types of biking activity. For example anyone looking to go Mountain Biking in Spain would have to wade through all the beach front bike rental shops, fun city bike tours, etc to find what they were looking for.

So for all the mountain bike enthusiasts out there we have given Mountain Biking Activities their very own category.

So if you are looking for global mountain biking activities and adventures, these are all now in one easy to filter, by country or location, place! "Simples" to quote the annoying Meerkat!

And we have done the same for mountain bike parks!

Keep the round black bits facing down!


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