Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finding more appropriate things to do

Here at YouGoDo we have been busy tweaking our data searches again to provide users with better information when they are searching for things to do in a particular town or location.

We automatically return all the great activities within a 25km radius (usually less than an hours drive - Unless you are in LA, Dubai, London..... at the wrong time of day!).

But this data was always sorted by ranking and popularity without taking into account its proximity to the location you are looking at (other than being within the 25km default range).

In some circumstances this was not giving the best results (for example Tangiers in Africa is within 25km of Tarifa in Spain). So users have been asking to be able to see the activities within the exact location they are visiting first. I guess this is a little greener also!

So, always keen to please, we have made the desired mod!

We will still, by default, show you all the great things to do within the 25km radius, but we now show you the activities at your exact location first! So you can view the great things to do in closest first sequence.

Enjoy the latest tweak from - The World's Biggest Activities and Experiences website!

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