Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A round of Golf - that's not very YouGoDo! - or is it?

Well actually it is fairly YouGoDo, if you are playing the Nullabor Links course - This 18 hole par 72, 1365km course (yes that's km - 1,365,000m!) takes several days to complete (3-8 depending on your choice of clubs or if you are rushing it!), as you make your way across 1,365km of Southern Australia.

But here at YouGoDo we know how much our users like something out of the ordinary - so for those who are still saying "At the end of the day - It's still just a round of golf!" - how about the Luxury Trike Limo Nullarbor Links VIP Culture trip.

Yes, you and up to 5 additional mates can take in all 18 holes, and 1365km, of the Nullabor Links Golf course whilst being transported, and educated in Southern Aussie culture, in the Limo Trike!

Travel in style between Ceduna and Kalgoorlie (the start and end points of the Nullabor Links Golf Course).

Threeeeeeeeeeee wheels - Fooooooooooooooour!

YouGoDo'y Golf - Thats more like it.

Remember your balls - Paul

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