Friday, October 2, 2009

Aren't AirBoats brilliant!

Actually a very similar story to my previous ranting about "Aren't Jet Boats Brilliant!"

Air Boats, or Airboats, are also a brilliant way of getting out and seeing hard to access areas. Airboats, with their flat hull design, being pushed from above with the wind power from their huge propellors, can access areas few, if any, other transport methods can reach. Even jet skis and jet boats need more water under them and would struggle in weed.

Airboats are a great way across marshland, swamps and up shallow rivers. Airboats tend to be used a great deal for nature trips - although the fact they usually have a great big, poorly silenced, V8 auto engine running on top of them means they are not the best things for stealthily creeping up on wildlife. This said, in areas like the Everglades, the wildlife seems to quickly get used to the sounds of the airboats, so seeing the nature up close is not as hard as it seems. I guess its a bit like living next to a railway line - after a while you don't hear the trains!

The Airboat's willingness to travel sideways, as well as forwards, also makes it a great fun way of travelling. You could easily close your eyes and imagine you were in a V8 powered Rally Car.

And as you would expect YouGoDo attracts this type of fun activity - we have loads of AirBoat activities from around the world. Although they do seem to be heavily concentrated in our 'things to do in the Everglades' section!

Look out for the gators!

Lets find a Rover V8 and a hull Paul

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adrian lee said...

Air Boats look like great fun! Now I know what we are missing in Sabah. I can think of some places where it might be fun to take a air boat. Just wondered about the noise though.

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