Friday, September 11, 2009

Top 10 Roller Coasters in Orlando

Just back from a very hectic week in Orlando last week (1st week in September is an excellent week to visit with school kids - hardly any queues on any of the rides) so I thought I would add my thrill seekers top 10 roller coaster rides guide for those looking for high speed twisting action while visiting the Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista, Orlando area.

A bit of background info first - my choices have been made after visiting the following 7 parks in 5 days (hard work but someone's got to do it) - Universal Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, Sea World, Acuatica, the Walt Disney parks Magic Kingdom, Epcot Centre and Animal Kingdom.

First off I would state that the above Walt Disney parks tend to be aimed at younger age groups and as such would not be the first prt of call for hard core thrill riders. SeaWorld has really improved here in the past few years, adding some great thrill rides to its superb marine shows. Universal is also well on the map for thrill seekers.

I have not included the water slides from Acuatica or the log flumes - fantastic as they are, they are not true (or virtual - see below) roller coasters.

I like to ride a roller coaster with no preconceptions - no idea of what's going to happen - that's the method used here so I did not have a clue what to expect on any of the coasters ridden, other than obviously seeing the twisted metal spiralling all around you as you queue (or 'stand in line' as the locals say!).

I have included some of the excellent virtual roller coasters - the rides where you are 'hydraulically' and visually tricked into feeling you are on an incredible roller coaster ride - these are marked with an '*' below. I can hear the screams from the Purists from here in Spain!

I have not gone into any detail of why I liked the below listed top 10. There are some great twists (pun intended) and surprises which add to the enjoyment, so I will not say what these are and spoil the fun!

Top 10 Roller Coaster Rides in Orlando

1 - The Manta (SeaWorld)
2 - The Hulk (Universal Islands of Adventure)
3 - Dueling Dragons (Universal Islands of Adventure - two different Roller Coasters which meet and twist around each other - Ice and Fire)
4 - Kraken (SeaWorld)
5 - Simpsons (Universal Studios)*
6 - Mission to Mars (Disney's Epcot Centre)* 7 - Everest (Disney's Animal Kingdom)
8 - Spiderman (Universal Islands of Adventure)*
9 - The Rocky Mountain Railroad (Disney's Magic Kingdom)
10 - Soaring (Disney's Epcot Centre)*

Just missed the cut ...

11 - Speed (Disney's Epcot Centre)

NB - the only major thrill ride I missed when visiting the above parks was in Universal Studios - the Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit looked great and I'm sure it would have made the top 10 but technical issues prevented me from getting onto this one. Next time!

and an old favourite of mine Space Mountain at Disney's magic Kingdom was being revamped!

All shook up Paul

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