Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things to do on Islamorada

Following the recent visit by our research team to the stunning Florida Keys, the YouGoDo data bods are getting to know the Florida Keys a little better, as they get loads of great new things to do in Florida added to YouGoDo.

As the song goes, we have only just begun, but I'm very impressed with some of the great activities we are finding on the Florida Keys.
I guess its around 20 years since I last passed through Islamorada, the Sport Fishing Capital of the World, as the signs proudly described it.
In reality at this time I did not notice a great number of attractively advertised things to do - we passed straight through. We did stop as we passed through on the way back (you do not have an option if you are in a car - theres just the one road) and did a little reef fishing trip.

But it seems things have moved on quite a bit - check out the top three on this page of things to do on Islamorada!

The Limo on the water - The phrase "Only in America" springs to mind!

Tarpon feeding - look at that photo! Not sure I'd like my daughter that close!

And helicopter tours over the Florida Keys - surely this is what helicopters were designed for -oh and heli biking, heli skiing, etc - but that another blog ;-)

Islamorada is of course only one in this beautiful chain of Islands off the South Coast of Florida - we are covering them all in more depth as our data team works its way North!

Impressed Paul

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