Monday, September 28, 2009

Segway Tours

Seems the futuristic looking two wheeler, the Segway, is fast becoming a the way to see more of a city.

These eco friendly electrically powered two wheel vehicles allow visitors to easily and quietly get around cities, taking in more 'miles worth' than they may have been able to get to comfortably if touring on foot.

There are even off road versions allowing you to whizz into the countryside.

With a single easy to use, joy stick type control, the Segway is far easy to master than it looks. My daughters, aged 10 and 12 at the time, mastered Segways when we were in Portugal within a few minutes.

The Segway has an in built gyroscopic widget, and a very low centre of gravity. This is what makes them so easy to ride. features many great Segway tours of many the world's greatest cities.

So why not get out and try a segway tour when visiting cities such as Rome, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Naples, New York, Munich, Prague, San Francisco, Queenland, Valencia, Cologne, Sydney..... to name but a few!

Push and go Paul

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