Thursday, September 17, 2009

Riding in the world's strangest vehicles!

Here on YouGoDo we have more than our fair share of the World's wierd and wonderful activities. We also have more than our fair share of petrolhead fun! So combine the two and you find many of the World's wierd 'taxis' used to provide exciting experiences for brave enough passengers.

For example the Ferrari Limo in the UK, for those in a group who want to get to their event fast!

On a similar theme, but for those with a little more time (I guess if you go very fast you will spill most of the water) there is the Hot Tub Lambo Limo (in the USA of course).

For those who really want to go fast we have a good range of choices - starting in Germany with the Ring Taxis - quite a few offer very high speed taxi laps of the world famous, and very scary, Nurburgring in Germany. Here your taxi driver could be Sabine Schmitz who has appeared on many top TV shows including BBC's Top Gear where she humbled Jeremy Clarkson in a diesel competition (very nearly beating Clarkson's Jaguar car based time in a Ford Transit Van - both diesel of course).

If your idea of fast is really fast but in a straight line why not take a Dragster passenger ride in a two seater top fuel dragster.

Or if you want really really fast, but with curves, take a Formula 1 passenger ride - feel the G forces. For those who would not trust the driver (going with a pro driver is probably the best way to go as very few can carry enough speed to use the down force of these incredible vehicles to take them to the max - but it does need balls of steel!), YouGoDo has plenty other choices which offer you the chance to drive an F1 car.

Slightly more sedate, and much much bigger are the Hauly's - Quarry Taxis in Austria. Huge vehicles used as taxis for tours of the famous Erzberg quarry - home to some of the World's toughest motorcycle enduro racing.

And what about the ducks - well here on YouGoDo we have plenty of the world's major cities offering 'Duck Tours' - tours in ex military amphibious vehicles capable of showing you the world's best cities from land, and on the water.

And much slower, much funnier and not even on dry land, is the NautiLimo, a water based Cadillac limo in the Florida Keys.

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