Thursday, September 24, 2009

More choices for tourists heading to Afghanistan.....

OK, so YouGoDo may not have quite so many things to do in Afghanistan, as we offer in countries like the UK, Spain, New Zealand and the United States but it is good to see more options being added to YouGoDo.

We now have several operators offering hiking, trekking, fishing, cultural tours and motorcycle tours in Afghanistan.

And it is good to see tourists heading back to some of the beautiful and remote areas of Afghanistan, a country with many cultural and natural riches, yet seeming few financial riches.

It is easy to dismiss Afghanistan as a war torn country, but there are areas like the Wakhan Corridor, a remote, mountainous and ruggedly beautiful area which has been a haven of peace in a country made infamous by war.

Since 2002 tourists have been returning to the area to trek, climb, fish, motorcycle and meet the extraordinary local people. These remote regions offer adventurous travellers the opportunity to discover new routes, virgin peaks, hidden valleys, Marco Polo sheep, snow leopards, wolves, spectacular scenery and some of the most hospitable people in the world.

And by visiting areas such as this not only are you seeing amazing areas of natural beauty and getting a great and unforgettable experience of how others live, you are also helping the people in these areas. Here despite the good security life is especially hard for its inhabitants. Maternal mortality rates are among the highest in the world, and many children die before the age of five due to the extreme poverty.

Areas like this, and many others in a similar position around the World, have to be worth considering for a trip which could make a real difference.

Give it a good look.


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