Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aren't JetBoats brilliant!

Jet Boats, or JetBoats, are a brilliant way of getting out and seeing hard to access areas.

Their ability to ride at high speed, over an egg cup full of water (just look at those pictures!), allow them to get to the parts other transport methods just haven't got a chance or reaching. A stunning way to work your way up shallow rivvers and gorges, allowing passengers to appreciate the amazing scenery and widlife in these remote areas.

The Jetboat's ability to travel on very little water also makes it very manoeuvrable - which offers its other key benefit. WoooHOOOOO!
These Jet Boats are the kings of the 'on water extreme' rides.

In the hands of skilled pilots they can turn on a ten pen piece (dime, centime, .....), skim cliff walls, ride under rock overhangs, reverse, slide, fishtail, etc. And all of this at incredible speeds, for water based transport.


And of course YouGoDo attracts this type of activity - we have loads of JetBoat activities from around the world. Jet Boating in New Zealand and Jetboating in Australia are, as you would expect, very popular. Those southerners do like their extreme fun.

I want one in the garage Paul

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