Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trouble at Notts County

Its great to see Notts County, the World's Oldest Football Club doing so well but you have to give a little thought to the loyal fans (it's lucky that there is not that many of them so relatively few are affected) struggling to get to grips with the clubs recent success - one struggling pies fan reports -

"I’m struggling to get my head around the whole scenario. It’s even started to affect my Saturday drinking pattern, I actually stayed to the end of the last game!!!!

The situation is that serious we are now thinking about reversing the three goal rule. The current rule allows an exodus to the nearest boozer as soon as we are 3 down, which has often been before half time. In view of the new signings and last couple of results the new proposal is to change the rule to 3 up (not down) therefore not wasting the entire 90 minutes!"

At this rate it cannot be long before they have to change the team anthen from the current "I had a wheelbarrow - the wheel fell off" repeat, repeat....... If it has changed already - please let me know the new Notts County team song!

Things to do in Nottingham after watching a stunning Notts County match!

"Go the Magpies" Paul - a friend of the original 60's Arab - Bill Hopcroft

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