Monday, August 3, 2009

Things to do in Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa (click for map) on the southern tip of Spain, about 15km north of Morocco on Africa's North coast, is a cool place to visit and hang out.

The climate, and its position on the Straits of Gibraltar, are a big draw to water sports enthusiasts from around the world, who visit Tarifa to take advantage of the strong winds which whistle through the straits between the two continents.

These make Tarifa a wind surf and kite surfing mecca, or 'the kite surfing capital of europe' as it is known locally. And with the surfing crowd comes a great number of camp sites, chill out bars and great places to hang out in the charming old Spanish town of Tarifa.

For those wanting to try another continent its less than an hour by fast ferry to Tangiers, and the ferries run regularly.

Another great asset for the area is its marine life - many operators offer dolphin and whale watching trips in Tarifa. In summer you can marvel at the Killer Whales (Orcas) who visit the entrance to the Mediterranean at this time of year to feast on the tuna. These intelligent mammals have quickly learnt to dive alongside the fisherman and rob their catches as they are being reeled in. A fascinating sight.

You can also horse ride, quad bike and visit the nearby Roman ruins at Bologna - see things to do in Tarifa.

And finally the beaches - Tarifa has miles of fantastic fine white sandy beaches, with huge dunes rolling down to the sea at the western end of the beach. Here you can observe many of the local Spanish resembling martians as they return from a free body scrub, using the mud found at the south western tip of the beach. better still have a go!

Tarifa - A great place to kite surf, wind surf, whale watch, chill out, camp out......... Its a real favourite bolt hole for those who live full time of the Costa del Sol - us included!

"I want to go again now I've written this peice" Paul

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