Monday, August 17, 2009

Parking at Gibraltar Airport

Finding Information on Airport Parking in Gibraltar was proving difficult so I took a ride down there and had a look.

The easiest thing to do seems to be place the car in the Gibraltar Airport Car Park. This car park is right opposite Gibraltar Airport (across the road from the terminal entrance – we are talking a small airport here), about 75 yards on the right after you go through the customs / border from Spain into Gibraltar. The car parks rates a very reasonable (for someone used to UK car park rates) and go from 40p per hour up to £3.50 for 24 hours. The car park is open from 6:30 am until 22:15 (or until the last airplane departure if later).

There is another car park about 30 yards further up on the right again but I did not get chance to take such a close look – they were advertising good deals for longer term parking – 1 month plus.

For those wishing to leave the car in Spain again there were plenty options signposted as you drove along the water front on route for the Gibraltar Border. FOCONA was the one I had read about on the web forums but I could not find any details for them such as a number or website. Parking in La Linea can avoid you having to wait in the queues at peak times to get your car into and out off Gibraltar.

I had a quick look in to the airport itself – as mentioned above its a small but interesting airport (the runway goes across the main road in and out of Gibraltar for starters, so each landing and takeoff closes off the island to the mainland!). It has a nice rooftop sun terrace to enjoy the sun and have a snack / drink.

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Too hot to be riding a motorbike to Gib in leathers in August Sweaty Biker Paul

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Paul said...

Post visit note - I used the airport parking opposite the airport terminal and all was great - no problems. Recommended.

But a tip about the Gibraltar airport waiting room - the air conditioning was not working when we visiting mid august (and had apparently been down for quite a while) - I would check this is functionking before going ´through´ nicer to wait on the roof terrace than be in the sauna!

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