Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mr Mann goes surfing....

Mr Mann - I'd like to do surfing

Roy - Margaret have we got any surfing trips?

Margaret - Yes we have loads of surfing adventures around the world - there on YouGoDo

Roy - Here you go how about Surfing in Portugal?

Mr Mann - Hmmmm I was thinking of surfing somewhere where they speak French

Roy - How about surfing in France - they speak French there

Mr Mann - I was wanting to go somewhere a bit less French

Roy - How about Surfing in Morocco then

Mr Mann - Hmmm possibly, oh and I'd like to go surfing on a camel

Roy - Margaret have we got any surfing trips where they speak french, but not in France and you can go on a camel?

long pause

Margaret - yes try Imouran in Taghazout

Roy - Yes here you go - Imouran in Taghazout offer surfing camps where you can speak French and ride to the beach on a Camel, what do you think?

Mr Mann - Hmmmmm - not really what I had in mind - I was was really looking for a two humped camel...... called Veronica - do you know this camel's name?

Roy - I hate you - Get out

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Am I cracking up Paul!

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