Monday, August 10, 2009

Motorcycle Enduro Riding in Spain

Being a keen, although riding talent impaired, enduro rider with a KTM in the garage I can see why Motorcycle Enduro riding in Spain has become so popular.

Here’s a few of the reasons -

The Climate - with superb weather every month of the year (and around 320 days of sunshine each year here in the south) it’s a brilliant place to be riding bikes. Even in the winter, when the sun sets about 6pm on the shortest days, you generally have more good days than bad.
The Scenery - Spain is Europe’s 2nd most mountainous country - and mountains mean wildlife and scenery.
The Amount of Trails - Mountains also tend to mean unfarmed land (save a few goats in many areas here) and wilderness - great for trail riding. Here in Spain there are thousands of trails with varied levels of difficulty to suit all levels of ability. It’s easy to cover over 250km in a day with a good guide.
The Spanish Love of Motorcycling - The Spanish love motorcycling - billboards and local news channels show huge amounts of bike racing. Out on the trails you are greeted with smiles and waves - a far cry from my experiences in the UK where you tended to be greeted with an angry red face yelling and waving a stick at you!
The Ease of Access - Numerous companies have recognised what a great place Spain is for Trail Riding, and as a result you have a great choice of enduro riding holidays in Spain – browse a list of Spanish Enduro Holiday suppliers here, and then choose using your preferred region, make of bike, choice of accommodation, etc - and get in touch – its easy as that!
Partner Friendliness - Most of the non riding WAGS I know would jump at the chance of a week in sunny Spain. The scenery, wildlife, culture (or in some cases just the pool) make this an appealing holiday choice for the other half!

Here in Spain I ride out of my door and can easily cover 100km in a few hours. In this distance I will see hardly a soul (and those I do see will smile and wave), cross mountains higher than any peak in England and Wales, cover about 3km of tarmac surfaced road and enjoy stunning wildlife and scenery in the bright sunshine.

My somewhat limited experience of doing similar in the UK involved a 70km ride, covering about 60km on surfaced roads peering at a soggy OS map looking for short trails, being yelled at on most of the poor short off road stretches whilst being drenched with rain. NB – I do appreciate there are some better Enduro Riding areas in the UK than where I was based in Nottingham, such as the Peak District and Yorkshire to name just two. But the climate and attitude remain unchanged!

Motorcycle enduro riding in Spain – it’s absolutely great and easy to see why companies such as MotoFiesta in Valencia, RedTread in Competa and ToroTrail in Alhaurin el Grande can offer such great motorcycle enduro riding experiences.

I would highly recommend any bikers to get out here and give it a try. And for those who have 'been there and done that' and would perhaps now like to try enduro riding in Italy, Africa, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, etc - Try YouGoDo's comprehensive list of global motorcycle experiences - theres plenty to choose from!

Keeping the knobblies on the ground (well the back one anyway) Paul

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