Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fun things to do on a bike

Being a keen cyclist I am always on the lookout for more fun things to do on two wheels, and http://www.yougodo.com/ seems to attract the very best biking activities.

Starting with the fittest – it you like a challenge how about a nice 11,000 kilometre bike ride across the Andes and most of South America. This operator offers a range of big distance push bike tours.

And then on to some of the more hairy – Cycling the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia with Gravity Bolivia.

Possibly more hairy than these organised tours is a day scaring yourself silly in some stunning mountain bike parks around the world. There is even an indoor mountain bike park – how cool it that – probably not too cool in the winter which is why it’s indoors!

What about some silly bike fun – how about the bicycle bar (several of you sit round a bar cycling your way around some cool towns), or a similar multi person bike – the 7 seater city bike in Estonia, or a bit of feet first lying down cycling action with recumbent hire in London, Edinburgh or Amsterdam, and staying lying down how about racing your mates in Shweebs in New Zealand.

Staying on the fun bikes theme there are also the big wheeled Deval Bikes and Trotti Bikes for downhill adventures in Austria.

Being a keen mountain biker based here in Spain it’s great to see such a great range of great mountain biking holidays in Spain (YouGoDo has over 180 choices for cycling in Spain) – and it does not have to be hard work or multi day tours – The Via Verde mountain bike ride along a disused railway line near Ronda is a stunning day out for the family, and the 4000 foot drop – a downhill ride from 1450m above Estepona is also a great trip for the not too keen pedlar!

Of course YouGoDo also has great biking experiences in numerous other countries around the world including Italy, France, The USA, Thailand, Greece, the UK, New Zealand............. there are too many to mention!

Fancy mixing your biking with other activities – Biking in France seems to offer some great choices – a multi day kayak and cycling tour through wine country looks great, or mixing cycling with drinking wine looks a fun day out at the famous La M├ędocaine the Annual Wine Route Cycle Race in Bordeaux.

In fact we have over 15 places around the world where you can mix cycling with wine!

And adding a bit more altitude how about Mountain Biking in the snow in France or Heli Mountain Biking in New Zealand to reach the parts other mountain bikers cannot reach.

And after looking at all of this you may decide you need to go back to Mountain Bike School – learn to fly!

YouGoDo has over 600 biking activity providers from all over the world! Get your bike clips on and Get On Your Bike!

Pedalling Paul

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