Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The World's highest and lowest things to do!

It’s surprising just how high and low you can go when trying out the latest fun activities from around the globe.

Starting at the very bottom floor of the ‘fun elevator’, way below the surface of the sea, you can take a dive down to the depths and visit, probably the World’s most famous shipwreck, by diving down to the Titanic. Returning to the ‘fun elevator’, we can rise up a few floors but stay in negative altitude for the time being, and here we find that there are many leisure providers offering fantastic submarine trips out to view beautiful sub aqua panoramas.

Up a little higher and we reach ground level – there are too many great options to cover here so we will continue up a little higher. Fancy jumping out of a high rise building in New York – no problem. Also in this category are numerous bungy jumps, gorge swings, scad jumping and zip wires!

Rising in altitude a little more we are into some great dining and sightseeing options from the panoramic windows of glass bottomed viewing platforms and revolving restaurants, perched on the highest floors of some of the tallest buildings in some of the world’s epic cities.

Hitting the ‘up button’ again, a few floors higher and we are into the realms of fun aerial activities. Here we find scenic flights, paragliding, parachuting, gliding, hot air ballooning and at the faster end of the scale fighter jet flights.

Well not many higher altitude options left now, but up to the next level, and here we find a mixture of airborne and surprisingly a final land based activity – starting with the land based activity if you have the time, money and fitness why not take a climb up Mount Everest. And returning to airborne activities, how about experiencing Zero Gravity or if you fancy something a little more extreme how about HALO jumping – High Altitude Low Opening parachute jumps, starting at such a high altitude an oxygen mask is a necessity!

And finally let’s get right to the top – here we are into the realms of Space Flights. Still in their early days at the moment but space tourism is getting ever closer.

A host of fun at every possible altitude - a taste of what’s possible today – it’s been 40 years since we first stood on the Moon – maybe in the next few years we can add Moon trips to this list!


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