Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When can I swim in the pool in Spain?

Living here in Spain for several years now, I come across this question quite a lot, and I was guilty prior to moving down here, of having an over enthusiastic view of the length of the outdoor pool season here in Spain.

I guess the reply is any day of the year - if you are one of those crazy souls who takes a dip in a London park on New Years Day, or dives into ice pools while ski-ing.

But if you are of the more normal build, the pleasant swimming season here in Southern Spain is realistically from around mid to the end of April until early October. And many of the locals don't dip there toes in until the pools come up above 26 degrees, which is mid to late May.

In the summer months end of June/early July until early September outdoor pools will be high 20's and low 30's (a little too warm for me when they get into the 30's).

So a big sorry to those of you looking to be in the hotel Spanish pool in late October through to the end of March - it won't be pleasant unless you are very hardy! Outdoor pools tend to drop to about 6 degrees mid winter.

But bear in mind - Spains a huge place - the above recomendations are taken from my experiences here in Southern Spain - for a none heated outdoor pool at 50m elevation, near Fuengirola. Spain is a very big country. Also take into account altitude - High altitude pools will be much colder in the winter months (read frozen! - Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe).

But as the pools are 31 at the moment I'm off for a dip!

Paul in the Pool

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