Thursday, July 16, 2009

Things to do with a helicopter!

Well I guess Scenic Flights spring to mind, and I'm sure on Family Fortunes in the UK it would be the top answer!

However on quite a few great and different applications for Helicopters in the activities and experiences markets have appeared.

Some make great use of the helicopters unique ability to plant you in the middle of the wilderness - places inaccessible without the use of such a great tool - heli kayaking, heli skiing, heli hiking, heli whale watching, heli rafting and heli mountain biking - aren't helicopters brilliant!

Other just use the chopper in an extravagant manner - no better way to arrive - such as heli golf, heli dining, heli winery tours or heli karting in the South of France.

Anyone know any more!

Over and out- Chopper Fan Paul

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